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22nd Annual

2015 Red Road Convention

May 1, 2 and 3

Dear Friends,

We are fast approaching the Convention and we have deadlines for sales.2012 Red Road Convention LogoOur Needs:

  • We need your help boosting our number of pre-paid registrations,
  • Pre-paid meal sales,
  • and pre-paid hotel rooms sold through the hotel.

Please remember that we are self-supporting through our own contributions.

Our Convention Committee representatives have tasted the proposed meal for our two evening meals and think it will be tasty for our guests and a good value.


       We welcome any person who would like to join us on this road of Happy Destiny, the Red Road way.

The NM American Indian Red Road Convention (RRC) or Red Road Convention is a spiritual entity that supports alcoholism recovery in the American Indian Community.  The RRC’s primary purpose is to provide the service of conducting an annual convention that focuses on recovery for our community.  It is this Spirit that guides the members of the convention committee.

The Red Road Convention is a sobriety convention packed with AA meetings, Al-Anon and Alateen meetings, marathon meetings, a social dance, and fellowship time.  Each year we celebrate with a traditional Pow Wow, a Sobriety Ribbon Ceremony, and a Sobriety Countdown.  A hospitality room is available for donated snacks.  Your donations are appreciated.

We outgrew our location of 20 years, moved last year, and are moving once more to a new venue that will allow for our growing convention and to continue sharing the path of sobriety with each other.

T-shirts, caps, mugs will be sold at the convention.  Meals will be sold online. Meals purchased from the hotel will help offset the convention cost.

Click here for a 2015 Red Road Convention Flyer.